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About us

The word "Chore" in Hindi language can be loosely (and in this context, aptly) translate to mean "stolen / theft / a person who steals or robs". Bazaar means a market. Chore Bazaar is one such establishment that boasts and relies upon the meaning of these terms to present itself as the newest addition on Newark Ave of Jersey City, NJ. It is an establishment that houses several food and beverage outlets, names of whom have been stolen from famous food vendors, known for their specialties, in different parts of India.

A quick tour of this Indian style cafe"ish" kind of, not so necessarily a food court, would reveal that the place has seven outlets that are designed and conceptualized as follows:

Chaat Waat: Inspired by the street foods in Jaipur, Rajasthan serving an array of, as the name suggest, Chaats. This a 100% vegetarian counter.

Wooodlands: Serving Southern Indian cuisine, name being stolen from the infamous Woodlands in India.

Murgan's: Chennai based name, nostalgia for those who know of it from back in Chennai - a very focused menu.

Badey Miyan: Should take people of Mumbai for a trip down memory lane (Kebab binging after a trip to the watering holes of Mumbai or after a really long day at work). Either way, this is destined to be a destination for the carnivore
(with some herbivore options too) in all of us!

Gulati's: The curry's that are served here cover many different regions of India and serves staple, authentic, delicious and non pretentious curries.

Lucky's Biryani: Been to Bandra in Mumbai ? Need we say more ? The rice casseroles here - we encourage you to be judgmental after trying the biryani's!

Chai Pani: In the name of "Tea and Water" (literal translation of Chai Pani), what gets offered to people by people - most Indian people know. In this case we mean, all non alcoholic beverages that are offered by hosts to their guests
under this one term "Chai Pani". So, this outlet serves Chai, Pani, Thanda and more.

Chore Bazaar is a must try! It is unique and in our opinion one of it's kind place that caters to multiple palettes under one roof. Sati Sharma {founding partner of Brick Lane Curry House (s), Radicchio Pasta and Risotto Co., Paratha
Junction (s)} brings this concept to Jersey City! Not only the names but also things like furniture etc are put together after procurement from multiple places.

We look forward to having you at Chore Bazaar. Please do know that while we wanted to accommodate more names/concepts from many other parts of India, in this one trip we could steal only so much!